group management software designed from the top down

What's special about elan HQ?

elan HQ is special because elan is uniquely developed from your Head Office's perspective.

By focusing on delivering everything a Central Team needs before we built the location management aspects of elan, we have produced a world-class software solution that improves group efficiency, profitability and enables sustainable long-term growth.

Changing software solution is a huge decision so elan has developed to provide your company with a range of accountable competitive advantages, including quantifiable improvements in marketing ROI and reducing overdue fees by an average of 75%.

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elan enables me to monitor performance on all my measurables across 100 plus clubs in real time, nothing else on the market does that.”

Lucy Brookes,
Operations Manager,
énergie Fitness

elan helps improve group performance in these areas:

Acquiring new members:

elan HQ improves the efficiency of your membership acquisition strategy by providing tools to customise and automate your membership lifecycle from initial prospect through to renewal and referral.

And you can monitor your successes as they happen – elan's unique ORA dashboard allows you to follow campaigns in real time, enabling live campaign optimisation using A/B testing techniques.

Managing membership across multiple sites:

elan's fully integrated customer relationship management functions are designed to maximise member retention percentages and renewals.

It also offers a unique solution to the common problem of one site underperforming its peers.

By giving your marketing team real-time access to each of your locations and the ability to segment them by type, brand, geographic region or size; elan enables immediate identification of which locations require additional central support, freeing valuable marketing bandwidth at successful sites for other targeted activity.

Collecting membership subscriptions:

Member subscriptions are your organisation's lifeblood but securing a signature on a new membership agreement is the easy part.

Getting paid is much harder as it means relying on a third-party Direct Debit provider and a collection process that you don't control.

Overdue fees and unpaid membership dues are endemic in these systems and usually result in time-consuming manual liaisons with the Direct Debit provider. These delays often cause unnecessary cash-flow problems at otherwise successful companies.

Our unique relationship with the Transaction Services Group completely resolves this problem.

By integrating TSGs processes into elan, every step of your Direct Debit process is automated; from terminations, freezes, membership updates and payments made on site; to mandate cancellations and reinstates, bounces, represents and credit referral solutions from TSG.

Automating these processes has an astonishing effect, our clients report an average 75% reduction in overdue fees since installing elan.

Individual site accountability within a Group

elan HQ literally brings your Group Management Team up to date.

Its real-time dash gives your central team the ability to create live performance tables for all measurables at individual locations or tailored subgroups of sites without the need for local input.

elan enables performance optimisation by identifying a locations' core strengths and areas requiring extra support - from membership acquisition and retention to resource allocation, staffing and cashflow.


ORA is elan's data dashboard that allows you to track sales, leavers and network membership at all your sites by region, group or brand in real time.

ORA's potential is limitless, to find out how it can help you succeed call us and book a demonstration.

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