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What's special about elan?

Although a company's Headquarters are important it is their locations that own the membership subscriptions that generate their income.

elan recognises this value by providing a location management solution that enables optimisation in all aspects of site management.

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“I continue to be blown away by the quality of elan. It's easy to use, does everything I need it to do and is a key factor in the success of my three clubs.”

Adam Thompson,
Multiple franchisee,
énergie Fitness

elan features that improve local performance

One-click Club Dashboard:

elan's club dashboard provides a one-click performance summary against tailorable Key Performance Indicators including: prospect tracking, sales performance by category, staff performance, membership retention statistics and income.

Its finance area has three main purposes: it's specifically designed to minimise the risk of arrears; it enables seamless management of members that fall behind with their payments; and it helps the site Manager keep ahead of potential issues surrounding their cash-flow and pre-empt inventions from Head Office.

Sales Funnel Management:

elan's powerful digital marketing tool links to your on-site database and is searchable by all its fields, providing a local Manager with everything they need to manage a prospect from initial interest to subscription renewal and keep ahead of their individual performance targets.

ORA for clubs:

ORA is elan's club dashboard that enables real-time sales and live memberships tracking.

There are lots of real-time uses for ORA on sites: from in-house sales challenges and internal ‘live' competitions designed to increase revenue in specific areas, to keeping tabs on your net growth and total membership numbers.

ORA's potential is limitless, to find out how it can help you succeed call us and book a demonstration.

Inventory Management:

elan has inventory management needs covered: live in-house point of sale advertising performance and consumable sales; staff attendance, management and rotas; live timetables for specialist staff and class performance statistics are all just a mouse-click away.

Automated Access Controls:

Whether your organisation uses key fobs, biometrics, entry card or anything else there's no need for an expensive secondary system with elan as it is uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly with all modern electronic entry systems.

Members Area:

elan's websites give members control over what they do at their club and how they pay for it. By logging in to their dedicated area they can remotely book new classes, make appointments with specialists, renew or extend their memberships and choose how they'd like to pay for it from wherever they are.

elan is designed to seamlessly integrate with third party companies such as Netpulse and course pro giving members the valuable flexibility that comes with mobile.

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