Training and Support

seamlessly transfer control

Adopting new working practices and achieving fluency with new software can be daunting, so we walk with you every step of the way!

Initial Setup:

elan is designed to seamlessly replace your existing software solutions without any break in service.

The set-up fee includes:

  • elan software installation and testing
  • database setup for your Head Office
  • web set up for sites
  • database set up at all sites (including field population)


Our comprehensive training programme ensures that all your users – both at Head Office and at your individual locations – are able to exploit elan's unique strengths within their own roles to maximise your group's performance at all levels.

Initial training is included in your set up fee and falls into two categories:

Head Office training:

Tailored training on all aspects of elan HQ's unique functionality focussed by job function and areas of responsibility.

Location training:

Comprehensive training for all staff, covering day-to-day usage and all reporting features by role.

Our Support Team:

When we said we'd be with you every step of the way we really mean it! Our highly-trained team of elan specialists are available to clients during UK office hours by telephone and by monitored email at all other times.

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